About Us

About Us

Akarakcom, one of the most friendly, independent, and experienced real estate agents that you are happy to deal with. Our head office is located in Antalya, Turkey.

For us, the process is not just about buying a house of bricks and cement, but for us it is a lifestyle and an investment

Why is "Akarakcom" different?_

Field pioneers

In a crowded field such as the field of Turkish real estate and investment, "Akarakcom" company is better than others in the same field by stages, and we are taking a big step above them. Our success in the real estate sector in Turkey and investment has made us on a strong base and solidified our position as a leading company in the field with extensive experience which focuse on clients and comprehensive knowledge, we are simply the most effective and experienced investment advisors in Turkish real estate.

The ability to bargaining and agreement

Our long experience enhances our reputation. Our position as a leading company in the field of real estate and investments in Turkey does not mean that we are the leading authority controlling real estate in Turkey, but it means the ability to bargain, agree and accomplish things that are not compared to anyone. We have a network of contacts and long-term relationships with developers and sellers, which means that we are able to obtain favorable and competitive prices and reasonable terms, which makes us offer to our customers and buyers incredible opportunities.

Our company experience_

Akarakcom does not use agents or mediators, as well as we work from our experience to maintain low prices and make them reasonable for the benefit of our customers. Our strategy depends on the quality of service and to remain high

Our principle is that wherever you are, you are our customer and you will get the best service and the best price in the market

Unlike the industrial and commercial sectors in general, we work only on the principle of the buyer's benefit and do not seek to obtain a wage from the seller, and this guarantees you that we remain independent from the sellers and our work returns 100% to you. This way works best for us in securing the best possible choices for you. Our goal is always to advise honestly and clearly about the available various choises in Turkey from lifestyle to investment.

We believe that buying is not just buying stones and cement but an important investment in your life. We therefore assess your needs extensively before guiding you towards the most suitable and ideal real estate areas in Turkey. From the first time you contact us to inquire about managing your property rental process, we are there to guide and help you as if we were partners in the property.

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One of our expert staff will answer you, will assist you and give you the advice and the help you need