The Advantages of buying Real Estate in Turkey

The Advantages of buying Real Estate in Turkey

The real estate sector in Turkey is now considered one of the best investment destinations, especially for Arab investors in the recent period
  Turkey has become the Destination of the investors and tourists from all countries of the world, and it is directed to all who wish to invest in various fields and fields where they always try to benefit greatly.
One of the advantages of buying a property in Turkey is to achieve profits within the Turkish real estate market

- Find out the most important advantages of buying a property in Turkey:

- Getting The Real Estate Residence in Turkey:
Real estate owners from foreign nationalities are granted an annual renewal residence permit, and residence is granted to the property owner, his wife, and his children who have not reached the age of 18 years.

- Obtaining Turkish citizenship upon owning the property:
This feature is one of the most important advantages of buying a property in Turkey, where the Turkish government grants citizenship to anyone who buys a property worth 400 thousand dollars, which is an exceptional opportunity 
This decision includes all members of the owner’s family, including his wife and children under 18 years of age

- Investment return :
A profitable return on investment based on the attractive tourism force in Turkey, where the possibility of renting apartments during the multiple tourist seasons is available throughout the year, at record prices
A well-studied investment in real estate that attracts high turnover during the tourism seasons in Turkey can provide high profits and a good return on investment.

- The validity of the foreigner in real estate ownership :
The foreigner is treated as the Turkish citizen in his ownership of the property, which :
-The owner gets the title deed (the title deed) in his name, where he is allowed to own the property for life
For example: in some European countries the ownership contract is for a specified period of time, for example 99 years and not for life Time
-In Case the owner dies, the property will be inherited naturally

- Low taxes :
After the decision to reduce taxes in Turkey, one of a series of decisions pertaining to the real estate sector in Turkey, and it was reflected in a positive suspicion in motivating foreign investors to own real estate in Turkey, which contributed to reviving the real estate market in Turkey, which constitutes a year.
The most important tax deductions: Exempting the foreigner from the value added tax imposed on the property.