Residency Extraction

Residency Extraction

Our company assists the client in obtaining real estate and tourist residency and extracting Turkish citizenship.

- Tourist Residence (2022):
A short-term Residence in Turkey is an ideal solution for those who wish to stay in Turkey for more Time than the visa or entry stamp they hold gave to them .
Also, the holder of the tourist residency does not have to apply for a visa to enter Turkey.
We are helping our customers to know the required documents and the application steps in case of applying for residency for the first time, Or for extend the current residence .

- Required documents :
- Health Insurance
- Copy of the Passport
- Certified translation of the passport in Turkish
- Certified Lease Contract
- Tax number
- 4 Personal Photos

- Real Estate Residence :
- Real estate residence in Turkey is a right of foreign real estate owners in Turkey, and it is granted by the Immigration Department in the state in which you own the property
- The duration of real estate residence in Turkey is usually granted for one or two years, with the possibility of renewing the property annually as long as the property is in the name of the resident person
- And it is required that the price of the property in large cities such as Istanbul, Antalya and Ankara...... is not less than 75,000 US dollars

-And about small cities such as Yalova, Trabzon..... the amount is not less than 50,000 US dollars
- After extracting the title deed document, we book an appointment for the customer in the Department of Immigration to complete the residence procedures 
- Prepare the papers necessary to obtain residency, and go to the meeting on the specified date in the building of the Department of Immigration and to deliver the necessary papers and documents

- Turkish citizenship :
Our company deals with the procedures for obtaining Turkish foreign nationality, in the ways stipulated by the Turkish law in the following way:
- Owns a property of $ 400,000
- Depositing an amount of $ 500,000 at a Turkish bank

Knowing that the property ownership or bank deposit period is 3 years
"The property must not be sold for 3 years, and no money should be withdrawn from the amount deposited in the bank before passing 3 years "

Our company performs all the required legal procedures and follows up the transaction until the nationality is issued.
This transaction takes from 3 to 6 months

- NOTE :
Turkish citizenship is granted to both types of investors "real estate investment or bank deposit" for the interested person (the investor), his wife and children under 18 years old .