Real Estate and Investment Consulting

Real Estate and Investment Consulting

Real estate ownership in Turkey is based on correct and accurate information
So at "Akarakcom" Real Estate Company, we work to provide information that helps our customers understand the real estate market in order to ensure that the acquisition process is completed correctly.

These consultations will provide comprehensive information to investors in the Turkish real estate market, for example information about prices in residential and commercial projects, as well as important details of supply and demand related to the real estate project.

The Turkish real estate market has recently witnessed a noticeable improvement in performance and a decrease in investment risks. These factors contributed greatly to the growth of demand and interest in investing in Turkey in general

The most important point that every investor must focus on is when investing in the fast-growing Turkish real estate market is the accuracy of their choice to manage and maintain the value of the property and also achieve the highest possible profit from the property.

This advisory service is not only related to investments in residential real estate such as housing units or apartments in residential complexes, but also includes commercial real estate such as offices, hotels, lands and shops.

We also constantly inform our clients of the new laws and procedures issued by the Turkish government, in addition to financial advice related to the real estate field

You can contact the "Akarakcom" Real Estate company around the clock, and one of our consultants will answer all your questions and inquiries.