Why Antalya ?

Why Antalya ?

The city of Antalya is the second largest destination in terms of real estate investment in Turkey and also in tourism, and this is confirmed according to statistics on a monthly basis, as these regions are the most profitable and also the highest rates of foreign presence

The region has a 600-km coastline with sandy beaches, stunning views and a Mediterranean climate, making it a preferred area for stability and housing. However, it remains the tourism excellence and lifestyle that is unparalleled anywhere in the country, which enhances the position and reputation of the region in all parts of the world.

Antalya combines the advantages of the big city in terms of services, shopping, vitality, and the advantages of tourist resort cities in terms of tranquility, space, simplicity and nature.

The number of buying real estate in Antalya by foreigners from January to March reached 1900 properties. Where the purchase was made throughout the city and in various types of real estate apartments, villas or commercial buildings

Antalya is a relatively modern city that has grown rapidly during the last ten years, with a population of more than one million and occupying eighth place in terms of population among Turkish cities. Antalya is characterized by its wide streets and spaces between buildings and public facilities and spaces for sports and children's games, so a street or neighborhood is not without several spaces allocated for that in an organized way. And because the economy of Antalya is based on tourism, the city council pays great attention to the cleanliness of the city and preserving its appearance wonderfully throughout the year.

- Investment in Antalya :
Economic prosperity and stability throughout Turkey, in addition to the rapid growth in the number of tourists, has made it an appropriate climate for global real estate investments. And the fact that Antalya is one of the most attractive cities for tourism in Turkey and the relatively low real estate prices, and what God has loved from nature's beauty and mild weather throughout the year has made Antalya a center of real estate investments from all over the world

- The increase in real estate prices in Antalya :
Tourists Numbers in Antalya :
The increasing number of tourists in Antalya makes it one of the most important global cities for real estate investment, where Antalya is witnessing a large turnout in the number of tourists from Europe and the Arab countries, so the city of Antalya has an international airport with direct lines to most of the countries of the world

The interest of the state in the city of Antalya :
- Attention to infrastructure projects where transportation lines are developed to connect all areas of the city with each other
- Interest in tourism projects, such as:  Konyaalti Beach, where it is characterized by many recreational services
- Attention to recreational tourist places, such as: "The Land of The Legends"
- Urban expansion and marked development of the city, as the city is developing rapidly 
- The ease of legal transactions in a noticeable way especially in Antalya, as well as in other cities

Prices are moderate in Antalya :
Where Antalya is characterized by its moderate prices, but it is in the stage of an accelerated and continuous development, which makes it an appropriate environment for those who want to invest and profit in the near future.

All of these reasons make Antalya city the first and best choice for foreign investors in Turkey.