Getting Turkish citizenship by buying a property in Turkey

Getting Turkish citizenship by buying a property in Turkey

The Turkish government has reduced the minimum investment required by purchasing a property with the aim of obtaining Turkish citizenship to become at least $ 400,000 instead of $ 1 million, provided that it is not sold or transferred for a period of three years.
 It also included real estate under construction (incomplete) to make it possible to submit a naturalization request based on its purchase

It is one of the most popular ways to obtain Turkish citizenship, which opens the doors for many opportunities, from successful financial investment to obtaining a Turkish passport that gives you the opportunity to travel without many obstacles.

The Turkish government treats the foreign investor the same treatment as the Turkish investor, which makes the job market profitable and distinguished, and opens horizons for many who want to invest their money in Turkey and increases the value of its investments.

Basic conditions for obtaining Turkish citizenship through real estate investment :
- The property value must not be less than $ 400,000.
- The property cannot be bought from a Turkish registered company owned by the buyer or one of his relatives
- Obtaining the evaluation from the Real Estate Department (the Title deed) at the real price of the property, taking into consideration that the validity period of the evaluation does not exceed three months
- The evaluation amount should not be higher than the purchase amount, taking into account the existence of value added tax, so that the value of the evaluation is equal to the purchase price without tax
- The investor must have obtained the title to the real estate or a contract to promise the sale, certified by the notifier and registered with the real estate registry, and that the price be completely transferred.
- It is possible to apply for the citizenship application during or after the transfer of ownership, with an indication that the property has been purchased with the aim of benefiting from the Nationality Law and pledging not to sell for a period of three years 
- In Case of there is a mortgage on the property, it must be raised within five days from the date of purchase in order to benefit from it by applying for citizenship (it is preferred to raise it before transferring the property)
- There is no timeframe for the purchase, it is possible to purchase more than one property with separate periods of time in order to obtain citizenship with attention to make a new evaluation of all properties when submitting the application.
- In the case of buying a property in installments or under construction
- In the case of a mortgage, it is necessary to ensure that it can be removed (no mortgage on the property)

After fulfilling the previous conditions, the Land Registry Department submits the application to the General Land Registry and the Land Registry, which in turn studies the application and sends an email with a letter of authentication or conformity which states that the property or properties purchased at the value paid are identical to the conditions stipulated in the law to obtain Turkish citizenship

The documents required to Getting Turkish citizenship by owning a property
- A valid passport
- Tax number
- The evaluation report from the Land Registry Department
- The Title deed
- Invoice to pay the amount of $400,000 USD

There are other documents that the lawyer succeeds and attach to the citizenship application file

The stages of Getting Turkish citizenship by owning a property :
The first stage: buying real estate with an evaluation and a letter of approval
The second stage: obtaining the investor's residence
The third stage: submitting the application for the fields of nationality

It is advisable to have a real estate agent and attorney with experience to walk in the previous stages in order to avoid any Mistake.

Advantages of Getting Turkish citizenship :
- The Turkish economy is one of the 20 most powerful economies in the world, which opens up various investment opportunities for you
- The Turkish passport ranks 38 globally for the year 2019, and its holder has the right to travel to 71 countries without a visa, and to 44 countries to obtain a visa on arrival automatically, and two countries grant the visa online and routinely
- The possibility of medical education at lower prices than most of the neighboring countries and with world-class quality
- The growing and growing investment advantages in Turkey with facilities for Turkish citizenship holders
- Members of the family of a foreign investor under the age of 18 are granted the right to obtain Turkish citizenship with the investor

Some exceptions to real estate ownership :
The following nationalities are not entitled to own property in Turkey:
North Korea

The reason for this ban is due to very old wars and historical agreements dating back to the founding period of the Turkish and Syrian Republic, so many Syrians establish companies in Turkey so that they can purchase and own property, and accordingly, the Syrians become owners of the companies that own the property and not the property directly.

The aforementioned citizenship holders must go to other options to obtain Turkish citizenship

As for Russians and Ukrainians, they have the right to own property in general Turkey, except for real estate along the Black Sea coast. The same applies to the Greeks in addition to some areas in the Aegean Sea in Turkey

 Other options Og Getting The Turkish citizenship :
- Investment by establishing a company: with a value of $ 500,000, provided the amount is entered from abroad
- Investing through a bank deposit: the minimum deposit for Turkish banks for the purpose of obtaining citizenship has become $ 500,000 instead of $ 3 million, provided that the deposit is made for a period of three years without withdrawal or amendment
- Investing by buying government bonds: The minimum purchase of government bonds with the aim of obtaining citizenship has become $ 500,000 instead of $ 2 million, provided that the purchase takes place for a period of three years without withdrawing or modifying
- A wife who is not a holder of any of the nationalities forbidden to own property in Turkey can invest in real estate in the amount of $ 400,000 or more, and accordingly, citizenship is granted to the husband and children under 18 years of age.