Purchase Services

Purchase Services

"Akarakcom" Real Estate  Provides you with several services that can assist you in the process of Owning or Investing in Turkey.

- Services Before Purchasing :
▪️ Provides to the customer with the best offers at the most reasonable prices
▪️ Have a communication with the customer and helping him in choosing the appropriate property by providing him with the all information.
▪️ In addition to sending all the information about the cities you have previously chosen, how to buy, ways of living, and purchasing costs .
▪️ Helping the customer in hotel reservation for real estate tour .

- After Coming To Turkey  :
▪️ Receive the customer directly from the airport to the hotel 
▪️ Accompanying the customer on a guided tourism tour in Antalya to introduce them to the most important tourist attractions in the city
▪️ Accompanying the customer on a real estate tour to view several offers that match their desires and requests
▪️ Complete the purchase process after selecting the appropriate property in terms of obtaining the required documents

The Required Papers to Buy The Property :
- Passport + translation of the passport into Turkish
- Tax Number that extracted from the Turkish Tax Service
- 2 Personal Photos
- A Juror Translator by the state + with a copy of his identity card (officially registered from the state) 
- A detailed report of the property by the municipality , where is the property place and the all information about it (area / location / any floor ... etc. )
- A copy of the property Title deed 
- This Report also will contains The condition of the property in terms of whether it is mortgaged or debtor.

- Services After Purchasing :
- Completion of the water, electricity and internet rentals for the apartment within 24 hours
- Help the customer in furnishing the apartment completely
- Guarantee of renting the apartment in case of wanting to invest